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We help you with the organization:

The condition of houses in Sicily varies greatly. You can buy a house or apartment that is already equipped with solar panels and a fiber optic connection, or you can buy a dilapidated farmhouse. There are all kinds of variations between these two extremes.

The organizational effort therefore ranges from "manageable" to "complex". For the first case we can offer our help at fixed prices, for all other cases we work on an hourly basis.

Our help at a fixed price

We can take care of some organizational tasks for you via the Internet and telephone. The prices for this are therefore fixed. Here is a sample offer:

Festpreis - Unverbindliches Beispiel.pdf

Our help on an hourly basis

Many organizational tasks may seem quite simple, but they require a surprising amount of time - especially if you have to make appointments with authorities or suppliers.

In these cases, we therefore charge for our assistance on an hourly basis and, if applicable, for kilometers driven. Here is a sample offer:

Stundensätze - Unverbindliches Beispiel.pdf
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Mail from Sicily

No, you don't need carrier pigeons to get news from Sicily.

Today there are Newsletters and Facebook.

Both sources of information are completely free of charge and you can of course "switch them off" at any time.