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Found your dream home in Sicily?

Now all you have to do is buy your home, renovate it and move in. Sicula Services will help you with these steps:

The 5 steps to a house in Sicily

A warm wind from the Mediterranean blows across your terrace. The fresh scent of lemons is in the air. Crickets accompany the sunset with an impressive symphony. Your house in Sicily is simply a dream.

Or is your dream still a long way off?

We understand your headaches! And we have a remedy for it. Our 5-point program "Buy a house in Sicily":

Find your house

Step 1:
Find your house

Have you found a house, apartment or plot of land and want to be sure that the offer is serious?

Our partners at Property in Sicily (English-speaking) and Casa in Sicilia (German-speaking) will be happy to help you with the valuation - technically, economically and also legally.

You can find an English list of already valued properties at:

Buy your house

Step 2:
Buy your house

In step 1, our partners have evaluated your property. Everything meets your expectations and you want to buy it now.

But how do you buy a house in Sicily as a foreigner?

Don't worry - the correct administrative and financial process is our daily routine. We will guide you through all the necessary steps.

Connect your house

Step 3:
Connect your house

Finally you are holding a Sicilian land register extract with your name on it. The property is now yours!

But how do you get gas, water, electricity and telephone?

In the simplest case, you only need to register with the supplier. However, if the house is older, the technology often also needs to be replaced.

It goes without saying that we are at your side every step of the way.

Renovate your house

Step 4:
Renovate your house

Most of our customers buy houses and apartments in Sicily that they want to remodel - or even a plot of land to create their dream home from scratch.

Whether it's just painting work or a complete new build - we work with reputable architects, craftsmen and construction companies and monitor the progress and quality of the work for you.

Maintain your house

Step 5:
Maintain your house

Done - your dream has come true. The Sicilian sun makes the fresh colors of your home shine.

It should stay that way - especially if you don't live in it for a long time. And who waters the flowers then? Us and our house sitters, of course!

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Our offer for you

Our dreams are as different as we humans are. And so, of course, are the houses, apartments or plots of land that you buy in Sicily.

Some have just been newly built and are fully developed, others are ruins. In the first case, you only need to re-register the owner, in the second, you need to organize a complete project.

Sicula Services is at your side for both cases. We have put together some examples with prices here.

Rent your house

Have you fulfilled your dream and bought a house in Sicily? But you don't have much time to live in it at the moment?

So what could be more obvious than renting it out to tourists in Sicily?

This is exactly what our partner Solemar Sicilia is working on. Our colleagues there will take care of advertising, check-in and check-out, cleaning, minor maintenance work and, of course, the bureaucracy that is omnipresent in Sicily.

Important: Not every house or apartment is suitable for tourist purposes. Therefore, please explicitly include your rental idea in the evaluation (step 1).

Sell your house

Have you bought a property in Sicily to renovate and resell for good money?

Good idea - especially in the capital Palermo.

Our partners at Property in Sicily (English-speaking) and Casa in Sicilia (German-speaking) also take care of this process.

Important: Not every house or apartment is suitable as an investment property. Please therefore explicitly include your commercial ideas in the valuation (step 1).

Living in Sicily

Are you dreaming not just of a house in Sicily, but of life in the warm south? The lightness of being? The dolce vita?

Then Sicily is the perfect destination for you.

Because here you can still find the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle.

And it's also practical - the cost of living is significantly lower than in Northern America or Europe. The cell phone network is excellent and inexpensive, fiber optic expansion is in full swing and satellite reception is available everywhere anyway.

Are you still a little hesitant?

Because of all the bureaucracy, the different language, the different daily life? And what happens if you fall ill?

Don't worry - we also have a cure for these headaches.

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Who we are

The protagonists of Sicula Services and the partner companies Property in Sicily, Casa in Sicilia, Solemar Sicilia and Solemar Academy all come from a large family.

This is not so surprising in Sicily.

However, the fact that this family has deep roots in France and Germany at the same time is quite unusual.

The core of Sicula Services consists of:

Stella Gruessner

Stella Gruessner

Maria Carnevale

Maria Carnevale

Claudia Sarri

Claudia Sarri

Claudia, Maria and Stella form the interface between you and many helping hands - our large network of Sicilian craftsmen, building contractors, architects, notaries and tax consultants.

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The word "mafia" became known as a "Sicilian phenomenon" in the 19th century. In fact, the mafia controlled large parts of Sicily at that time and - hard to understand from today's perspective - almost all Sicilians denied its existence.

This is exactly what began to change in the 1960s. A central pillar of the mafia's power began to crack.

In the 1980s, the first high-ranking mafioso began to speak. This revealed the inner structure of the mafia and its power dwindled from year to year.

Today, the topic of "anti-mafia" is a central point of Sicilian civil society. Addiopizzo ("Goodbye protection money") is part of this and our family was a founding member in Bagheria back in 2004.

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Who we work with

The work of Sicula Services is based on a large network of specialists who will help you to realize your dream of a house in Sicily:

Property in Sicily Logo

Property in Sicily

Property in Sicily rates the house you have found and offers a list of already rated properties (in English and French).

Casa in Sicilia Logo

Casa in Sicilia

Casa in Sicilia works like Property in Sicily - but in German.

Solemar Sicilia Logo

Solemar Sicilia

Solemar Sicilia rents out holiday lettings in Sicily.

Solemar Academy

Solemar Academy is considered the best language school in Sicily.



One of the most important pillars of our work are, of course, the craftsmen.

Construction companies

Construction companies

We work on larger projects in cooperation with construction companies.

Solar energy

Solar energy

In Palermo, the sun shines for an average of 4 hours a day, even in "winter". We are happy to help you generate your "own" electricity.



The work of architects and civil engineers is essential for more complex assessments and construction work.

Interior decorator

Interior decorators

The interior designers in our network will be happy to take care of the design of your living space.

Furniture restorers

Furniture restorers

Sicily is not only full of old houses, but also matching furniture. However, they almost always need to be restored.



There are still illegally built houses in Sicily. We only buy and sell houses if they have been "approved" by a reputable notary.

Tax consultants

Tax consultants

Homeowners in Sicily also have to pay various taxes. A reputable tax advisor is essential here.



Insurance is not only important for your home - especially if you rent it out. Health insurance may also make sense.



Theoretically, it should not be necessary in the EU, but from practical experience we strongly recommend opening a bank account in Sicily.

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Mail from Sicily

No, you don't need carrier pigeons to get news from Sicily.

Today there are Newsletters and Facebook.

Both sources of information are completely free of charge and you can of course "switch them off" at any time.